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The Kauri Dieback issue is incredibly divisive. Has it been in the soil forever, was it introduced in the soil of plants imported from Asia in the 1950’s? Or is there some other potential vector? The fact remains that to date we simply don’t know. Despite it’s origins what we do know is that Phytophthora agathidicida otherwise known as PTA or Kauri Dieback has the ability to kill Kauri. In this site we hope to expose the published research and peer reviews of that research so you can make up your own mind as to what sort of response is appropriate.  

Who are we?

Waitakere ranges, Kauri, Tramping, Kitekite Waterfall

We are a group of individuals with an interest in opening the forests and regaining access, so long as the scientific community are in agreement that we are not perpetuating the spread of the disease in doing so.

How do we operate?

Waitakere ranges, Kauri, Tramping, Kitekite Waterfall

We seek to consolidate all of the scientific research into a single site so you can read the key points and counter points we they exist today through published material. We encourage contact, contribution and contribution.

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What is Kauri Dieback?

Best explained here . Phytophthora Agathidicida or PTA affects around 13 species of tress from Malaysia through to Australia and of course New Zealand where it has impacted Kauri

What research has been done?

There are a number of research papers going right back to the 1970's which we will publish links to shortly.

Has the research been peer reviewed?

There are certainly some peer reviews of the various papers published and these will e listed.

What is the response to this issue from council, government and Iwi?

Soon we will publish a series of comments and links

Here are some FAQs

You guessed it. Watch this space. 

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